Typically when you hear the word "design", you would to expect it to only be described in words of creativity and visualization. Although website design does include plenty of that, there is also a non-visual side know as search engine optimization, or SEO, which involves implementing several practices into your website to help it rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. so new customers can find you without already knowing about your business. This current page will focus on the visual representation of web design, but enhancing your website with SEO can help your business expand digitally with little to no cost!

Website Design - The Truth.

One of the first thoughts which come to mind when a business is in the process of establishing their digital footprint is creating a website. The website is commonly where all of your organization's services, biography, advertisements, social media links, and most importantly contact information, is published for all visitors to see. Not only is this a great way to provide useful information to potential customers, but quite often are you able to help your staff members save hours each week by spending less time on the phone with patrons who are unaware of what services or merchandise your business offers. But, as with most projects that heavily involve architecture and creativity, website design can be a daunting task that many seek assistance to complete.

As we all know, a first impression of your business goes a long way - and typically you only have one shot at it when a potential customer finds your website while searching on Google or other platforms. For this reason, creating an effective user interface and user experience (UI / UX) within your website is crucial for your company to flourish within the digital market. It is also important to keep up with current web design trends or advancements as coding technology is constantly evolving and large corporations are quick to adopt them, thus embedding the new standard to daily users. Often many businesses will employ a webmaster to take care of daily website management which can involve uploading new content or keeping the website software and layout up to date with responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design - Why It Matters

responsive website design at Websighted near Fort Worth

Designing your website for only one device's width doesn't sound quite useful now, does it? In the early 2000's when smart phones were being introduced to the market, designing a responsive website that would react to numerous device's widths and sizes was unheard of, and often the viewers would find themselves scrolling left or right to view content or pinching the screen to zoom in because the text was unreadable. In today's standards, if somebody comes across a website on their mobile device where the content is unreadable or takes more than a few seconds to load, they often bounce, or leave from the website immediately with absolutely no engagement.

Since 2016, Google has reported that up to 60% of consumers who search the web are doing so from a mobile device. With this information in mind, many websites are now built from a mobile first approach. This includes content only having to be viewed in a scrolling up and down manner, as well as images or files being resized for increased loading speed to provide a more engaging UI / UX experience. Knowing this, could you imagine how harmful it would be for your business to not have a responsive website?

If you are interested in learning more about our website design services, we encourage you to contact us to speak with one of our digital strategists to plan an effective strategy to get your business live on the web. If you already have a website and have concerns about it's current state, our team can provide you with a free website evaluation to list out any current issues it may have as well as an approach our team would use to help your organization.

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